Monday, March 14, 2011

Project 365: 67-73

Day 67: I wasn't feeling all the best (later found out it's allergies) so while I was laying on the couch, my cat came to join me

Day 68: Messing around with shutter speeds

Day 69: The seed pod of a flower

Day 70: My cat (it's kinda funny if you look at it sideways)

Day 71: The bird

Day 72: GK eying Talbot's treat

Day 73: GK trying to get at Talbot's treat

And just for the fun of it. :)


Tracy said...

LOL! on the cats.

Anonymous said...

GK is pathetic. :oP lol


Christine said...

Miss S, I like these. GK's shots brought back some funny memories! I like the perspective in the shot of him eyeing Talbot's treat.

The flower ones are neat, too. The first is a little blown out (overexposed), but it's a neat effect. Keep working it and see what happens.

And what happened in the last shot? Slow shutter speed? Interesting!

Mrs. S