Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project 365: 53-59

Sorry these are a day late. Some of them are from the same day, but I'm making them count for different days. Enjoy!

Day 53: GK on the stairs

Day 54: Messing with Macro

Day 55: Fast shutter speed (the object was twirling)

Day 56: Slow shutter speed

Day 57: GK

Day 58: GK yawning (anyone have caption ideas?)

Day 59: Attempt at point-and-shoot photographing my cat


Tracy said...

Cute kitty. Love the Gerber Daisy! Nice week of shots!

Kristal said...

Great shots and pretty cat!

M said...

Your cat is sooo cute! =) Great paictures!

Sarah Belle said...

Awww, GK is soooo cute!!!

How ya doing girl?