Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project 365: 60-66

Day 60: A flower that popped up in our yard (it's really tall, too, and it's the only one I can see anywhere. Anyone know what it is?)

Day 61: Our trees out front have pretty much bloomed, but I found this little bud

Day 62: A flower on our tree

Day 63: Dandelion in the yard

Day 64: Our neighbor's yard showing signs of spring

Day 65: Dad and I made apple pie

Day 66: I took GK out on the porch for a little bit

Because these are a day late, I figured I'd throw in an extra picture (there will still be seven next week). Enjoy!


Kristal said...

I love the flower shots

Christine said...

Miss S, I checked a flower identifier for that first yellow flower, but couldn't find anything similar. It's very pretty, though!

And of course I love the dogwood blossoms. Sigh. It's still cold here.

Mrs. S

Anonymous said...

Hiya HD (ok, so now you know why I just asked you if HD was supposed to be really awesome. ;o) I guess HD is for two different things now! :o) ) -

So that tall yellow flower... I was like, "Wonder where in the yard that is" and I thought maybe it was growing out by the mailbox. Then, (I think it was yesterday) I was just walking past the window and had to stop and was like, "Oh! There it is!" It mad me laugh. It really is just growing up in the middle of the yard. Weird.

Love ya. More than words. Seriously. :o) X O <3

Anne said...

Oh my gosh! Your cat is SOOOOO cute!
-I love the pictures of the flowers that you took especially. You are a very good photographer. :)