Monday, July 5, 2010

Nikki's Challenge-Week Nine

This past week I've been reading quite a bit. I've finished almost one book a day. I've also been working on helping Mom sort through stuff from the convention and take care of it all. And on Wednesday we went to a Braves game. Friday we went to a mall downtown. Saturday was a busy day. Jay and I went to the parade in the morning. We all went to the church picnic in the afternoon. In the late afternoon we went to another party. In the evening, some of our friends came over and all thirteen of us piled on to our golf cart to ride up to the golf course to play frisbee and watch the fireworks. Sunday evening we went to another family's house to watch more fireworks. Yesterday I got a haircut. I'd say none of it's longer than five inches. :) I'll try to get some pictures of it on here soon. The back is really curly now, but the front and the top layer are still kinda just wavy. Last week was Jo's birthday, too. Happy Birthday, Jo!

So, that's what I've been up to for now. The pictures below are from a scavenger hunt I was a part of a while ago. Enjoy!

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IllinoisLori said...

Looks like fun! Been thinking of y'all...give a "how are ya?" to your family from me!

Mrs. Havens