Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nikki's Challenge-Week Six

This past week has been kinda busy. We cleaned the garage out, finished redecorating our room (pictures to come eventually), and I mowed our yard for the first time. :)

I don't have any relevant photos to post, so I'll just pick some for y'all. :) Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Loved the pics.!!!
I really liked the last one!!!
Thanks for sharing!
Sarah Pitts

Tarissa said...

Hey, isn't mowing just awesomely fun?! {lol}

Nice pictures! Especially that one on the bottom.... if only I knew what it actually was though. Water?!

Frisbee Girl said...


:) It's actually dish soap in our dispenser. :) The pictures don't do it justice; the bubbles were sparkling when I took the picture.