Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today the four generations of girls went shopping. Our first stop was the thrift store up the road. After browsing the clothes racks and finding two pairs of plaid shorts, I decided to go look at the games since they were half off. Spotting one, I picked it up. I was happy to find that it was only fifty cents. The game was one I fondly remembered from my early childhood years: Hungry Hungry Hippos. :) It brought back such fun memories of sitting around playing it with friends and family, all trying to get our hippos to eat the most. When we got home from our outing, my brother and sister and mom all got down on the floor with me and played. My mom and sister dropped out after a couple of games, but my brother played a lot of rounds with me. It was so fun; doing something I used to love doing that I haven't done in forever. Did any of you play that game when you were younger?

Btw, if you haven't ever heard Steven Curtis Chapman's song Cinderella, check it out. It's good.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I ever played that game... However, I always wanted to, but Mom never bought it for me. Haha. I think she thought it'd be one of those things where I'd play it once and never touch it again! xD

Anonymous said...

I played it a few times when I was little. It was really fun!

Sarah Pitts