Monday, June 21, 2010

Nikki's Challenge-Week Seven

This past week I simply enjoyed my summer, mostly by riding around on the golf cart (or rather driving :). I did finally get pictures of our room. Enjoy.


Tarissa said...

*squeals* What a beautiful room! I love it! Wish I could move into it myself. :~)

Christine said...

Oooh, Sarah, you did a fantastic job organizing and decorating your room! I need to come back so I can stay in it again!! (I promise not to stay awake til 2am whispering with your mom. Oh, wait a minute, I can't promise that...) Mrs. S

Frisbee Girl said...

Mrs. S,

That would be great! It's okay if you can't promise to go to bed early--I understand what it's like to want to stay up visiting with someone. :)