Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Header! and Other Things

I have a new header!! My sweet friend Katie designed and made it for me. Thank you so much, Katie!

On the other things note, Grandpa and Grandma are coming tonight!!! For me, the convention starts in a week. Violin lessons are going well; I'm learning to fiddle and hop. :) I might join the string choir that's forming at church. Hmmmm...not much else going on around here. :)


Allison said...

Love your new header! Katie did a great job. Hope you have fun with your grandparents! Can't wait to hear you play the violin one day!

Katie said...

Hey sarah,
I love your header!!! I wonder who did it!!??? :) Loved that bird video too!!

IllinoisLori said...

So pretty, Sarah! Your friend is talented :-)

We've been really busy, too; tomorrow is the CHOICE homeschool curriculum resale event, I have about 5 big boxes FULL of stuff! I've always brought just a handful of things to sell, but my bookshelves are bowing under too much weight, so I decided this is the year to UNLOAD!!!

Give your family a hug from me, OK? And tell your mom I say Happy Mother's Day!

Mrs. Havens