Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well, I figured I'd post some more pictures.

I have discovered that my favorite game on Wii Fit is Penguin Slide. :) I even figured out how to catch red fish (even if I only caught one :). I'm not quite sure why, but I absolutely adore penguins. :)

P.S. If anyone knows of a good clean site where I can find buttons for my sidebar, please let me know. As some of you can tell, I love buttons. :) But it's hard to find good sites, as you may well know. Anyway, I'd really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your pictures. The one of the duck is outstanding!

Re: Buttons. We use to buy buttons from a button manufacturer in Chicago when I was little. They had a ton of buttons everywhere. But that was over fifty years ago and I can't remember where or who they were. :)


Tarissa said...

I like the new photos... the first one (of the squirrel) just cracks me up!!

Frisbee Girl said...


Thank you. I really have fun taking them.

LOL about the buttons! That sounds like fun, though. :)

Love you!!!
Frisbee Girl

Christine said...

Miss Sarah,

I LOVE your pictures! Nice use of the Rule of Thirds with the squirrel. It looks like you took the pic of the house during "the golden hour"--beautiful warm color! I also like the duck picture, with the layers of color. Very nicely done. Keep shooting! (and posting)

Love, Mrs. Soto :)

Lori said...


Try http://tsohg-graphics.blogspot.com/ for some neat bloggy-stuff!

Love and Blessings,
Mrs. Havens
PS: I don't worry about being so anonymous...no worries! (My blog's pretty public already!)

Anonymous said...

...and here's another place:


Mrs. Havens

the jennarator said...

Beautiful pics Sarah!!!! The duck one is my absolute favorite!