Monday, July 11, 2011

30 Recipes in 30 Days

Life has been busy over here, so no old photos were dug up. But the point of this post is to inform you of a project I thought would be fun to try. A friend had given us her old cookbook a long time ago. It was buried and forgotten, but in the process of cleaning the garage this week, we found it. I sorted through the recipes and found the ones I wanted to try. Then I counted them and found there were 30. So I got the idea to try them over the course of 30 days. So I will post when I can (probably once a week) about the recipe and try to post some pictures to go with it.

On the first day I made: French Apple Pie

Result: It was quite well liked. It didn't turn out exactly like pie, though; it was so gooey we had to serve it with a spoon. The aroma that filled the house while it was baking was quite wonderful.

On the second day I made: Buttermilk Coffee Cake

Result: It was well liked too. I didn't add the baking soda because no where in the recipe did it say how much to add. So it turned out kinda flat and dense. And I didn't put enough of the cinnamon sugar in the middle and put too much on the top.

On the third day I made: Buttermilk Chocolate Bread
Result: It turned out okay (after I finally made it right; the first batch I made I forgot to put in enough eggs, baking powder, baking soda, and salt). Not exactly one of my favorites, but others liked it.

On the fourth day I made: Baked Oatmeal
Result: This is a recipe I have made before. It turned out like it always has. It's not one of those that gets rave reviews, but it's not bad either.

On the fifth day I made: Cooked Eggnog
Result: It took almost an hour to make. When I pulled it out of the fridge to serve, it stunk really bad. And the taste can be summed up with one word: YUCK.

On the sixth day I made: Honey-Cinnamon Spread
Result: Well, I didn't exactly make this on the sixth day. Therefore I am changing it up a little bit and instead of doing a recipe every day, I'll do a recipe when I can and count it as a cooking day. So, this is what I made on my sixth cooking day. It was pretty good. I put it on a bagel for breakfast and pretzels for snack. The taste reminds me of some cookies I've made in the past, but the spread isn't so bad for you.

On the seventh day I made: Tuna Noodle Casserole
Result: It tasted like tuna noodle casserole. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything spectacular either.

So, that sums up the first set of recipes. 7 down, 23 to go.


Julia said...

Hey Sarah!

What a great idea - doing a new recipe every day. The pie looks absolutely delish. :)

We're coming to Frisbee this week! Hurray! See you there. :)

Christine said...

Hmm. Might I be that friend? All those recipes sound familiar...

The cooked eggnog is the only one I had saved but never made. Thanks for being the guinea pig for us. I guess if I still have that recipe, I'll toss it. :)

Happy summer baking!

Mrs. S

CaptainBible said...

How old was that cook book you found in the garage?

Frisbee Girl said...

Mrs. S--yep. :) Mom liked the eggnog but it really didn't taste right to the rest of us.

Micahel--I don't know. At least four years old, but probably older than that.

Julia said...

Hi Sarah,

I'm not sure if you accept blog awards, but if you do, there are two little somethings waiting for you on my blog :)

Have a blessed day!