Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project 365: 88-94

On the photos that are kinda similar, I would appreciate your opinions as to which is better. :)

I found this little guy crawling on my shirt after I had been out in the forest, so I transferred him to a tree out front.

He was rather hard to capture

because he was very fast

and would crawl away before the shutter clicked.

So I zoomed out to get one of all of him.

The forest out back.

My big tree that I've been pulling thorns off of.

A fern that is near my tree in the forest.

More forest.

Even more forest. Can you tell where I've spent a lot of time this week? ;)

A tree at the front of our forest.

The pile of branches and twigs I've cleared from the forest.




Our back yard.


More acorns.

The path I've cleared in the woods.

My little lamb's ear.


Christine said...

Hi Miss S!

The shots "and would crawl away..." is the best, though his head (tail?) is cut off. He is framed diagonally, which creates tension--a more visually interesting and stimulating photo to look at. It also has some nice bokeh (blur) in the background; nice color. (A macro lens would help, too...) :)

I like the "Acorns" shot, too. The diagonals work in this shot, plus the acorns are in one of those sweet spots--the Rule of Thirds.

It's nice to see you using your camera a lot this week. But where are all the flower shots? (And I did appreciate that purple one!) Isn't it warm there? We're still cold here. But I actually put out the garbage this morning, and had bare feet! (It was cold, though.)

Have a great Tuesday!
Mrs. S

Tracy said...

Great line up of shots! Fun place to shoot!

Kristal said...

A lot of great shots... my favorite is the first acorn shot.

Sarah Belle said...

Hey Sarah!

I would have to say that the one of the flower and the last one are my favorits! Lovely!

Your friend and Sister in Christ,