Monday, December 13, 2010

Okay, Okay

So I haven't really posted in a while. Well, here it is.

A few weeks ago, my great grandma passed away. We drove up there for the funeral. It was good to see all the relatives again, but I wish it could have been under different circumstances. MissJo, Jay, and I played Amazing Grace for the funeral. I miss her. No more fighting over her deviled eggs. (that's a story in itself...maybe I'll post it someday) No more snatching those delicious cookies she'd bring with her. No more getting to cook breakfast with her if I was up by time the sun started rising. Being the only one she'd let drive the golf cart if she was going out. No more annual trip with her and my grandma to Kmart. No more hearing her soft snoring below me when she'd come to visit. She showed her love for us all in so many little ways. There are so many precious memories she gave to me.

The week after, I had my first ever recital. I didn't do all that great, but I had wonderful accompanists on the piano and violin. :)

And this past week has been very busy. MissJo had two beautiful concerts and many practices. We went to see two different Christmas productions that our friends were in, and went to an elegant Christmas tea.

School is still keeping me very busy. I am more than half way done with my math book, which makes me very excited!

Not much else is going on besides the fact that I have a really sore throat that has been keeping me up at night. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. Sore throats aren't much fun.


Christine said...

Miss S, I'm praying as I type. Sore throats are the worst part of being sick, I think.

Congratulations on your first recital! I'm sure you did just fine, and I wished we could have been there to hear you play.

Treasure all those wonderful memories of your great grandma. How blessed you were to have her in your life for so long! I never knew my great grandmothers. Again, you are blessed, dear one.

Blessings to you today!
Mrs. S

Nikki said...

I am so sorry that you have a sore throat....hope you get to feeling better!

I enjoyed this post. :) Blogs are good for learning of each other's experiences through our earthly journeys....

keep seeking Jesus.