Monday, November 15, 2010


Christine said...

Love the photos, Sarah. I'm having issues with my monitor and software--many photos are coming out orange! (View Thomas' photos today on my blog, and you'll see what I'm talking about.)

Keep snapping away and refining your skill!

Mrs. S

Michael said...

Is that at your church you go to?

How's your brother doing?

Frisbee Girl said...

Mrs. S, thank you. I saw your picture of was well taken, but it did have that orange glow to it. I kinda like it that way; gives it a special effect. But I can see how that could get really annoying pretty quickly.

Michael, no, I took them at a church my sister had a concert at up near the city. My brother is doing pretty well. If you want to read his blog, it's How is your family doing?

Michael said...

Thank you Sarah I probably wouldn't be able to find his blog. That's good that he's probably busy.

My family is also doing fairly good I think. Things have changed a little. Have you read anything about what my Dad is doing now? Because I didn't know if you did.
And how are you and your family doing?

Frisbee Girl said...


Yep, he's keeping busy. He got a job a few months ago and is working on finishing his schoolwork, so he's keeping busy.

Glad to hear your family is doing well. No, I haven't heard anything since the worldview conference. Is he still with AV?

My family is doing well. Staying very busy, as usual. :)

Michael said...


That's the way it usually is. Does he play chess very often.

Yes, thank you. Ok well I don't what you heard though. But he's been promoted to a position at a related company. And AV is the main client. So I understand thing can change, but he doesn't go to AV anymore.
It's different because I don't go with him most days anymore.

I can understand. Have you volunteered much recently? I talked to Ken Patterson at the worldview conference this year. And I heard him say the other volunteers couldn't make it. That's one of the reasons why I did that volunteer job this year.
I recognized you were doing a similar job last year at the worldview conference.

Frisbee Girl said...

He used to play chess a lot, but he hasn't been playing much lately.

I'm glad your dad was promoted, but I understand what it's like. We used to be able to go to work with my dad and he'd take just one of us at a time and we'd spend the whole day with him. We'd get to visit some of the other employees, and we'd make drawings on the computer. Of course Mom would send some schoolwork with us so that Dad could get some work done, but it was still fun. The company he works for down here is very nice, but they don't let you bring your children to work.

No, we haven't really done much like that since the convention in May. Over the summer we host Ultimate Frisbee every Friday at our house and a nearby field. That keeps us pretty busy. So you helped Mr. Patterson with the taping this year? Did you enjoy it? We had a lot of fun doing it. Were the towers acting up again? I hope no one had to sit there fanning them like we did last year. Do you enjoy audio/visual work? I do. Slideshows and sound systems fascinate me. :) For the last two years, I have volunteered to put together slideshows for all of our graduates. Those are really fun. Do you like video editing?

Michael said...

I like to play chess whenever I can. And I feel I should get do some more. It's more academic than most games. I can understand why he would play chess a lot.

Yes, I'm sure you do understand a lot. I went with my Dad to American Vision for many weeks for about 4 years. And it's not that he can't bring me anymore necessarily, it's just that it's a different situation. But last week I got to go with him to his newer office for a job he had got for me there. And after I was finished I did some schoolwork. How did your Dad work until before going home when you went with him to work?

Well that's interesting. I like using frisbees and boomerangs. But even while running it's hard to hit a moving person. Yes, I was eager to accept any job this year. I did have a partner with me and I did enjoy the responsibility. I can imagine you enjoyed it but it was different than I imagined. I don't believe this towers had many problems. And Mr. Patterson did most of the functioning with the towers. The sound of all the towers duplicating at the same time sounded really cool. I do like to do audio/visual work. I use made Dad old camcorder to video tape some days. I haven't done much related to slide shows though. I don't use pictures as much. But I did make a video for my church on Youtube. And I get many more film related ideas that I don't produce. The main issue is trying to get someone with me to be in the movie.

And slideshows are interesting in how they can be very much varied. Have you been making any slideshows recently? I have done video editing and I do like doing that. But recently I can't finish anymore videos because both of our computers have problems right now. I've worked a lot of time with video editing. Do you like video editing?

Frisbee Girl said...


Sorry I have taken so long to respond to your comment. We had been babysitting for some friends and I didn't have a chance to get on the computer. And then I replied to your comment, but when I went to look at it today, it wasn't there. I don't know what happened to it. Sorry.

I don't understand chess. It never made sense to me. I even had a friend sit down and coach me through a game, but I never got it.

When I would go to work with my dad, I'd sit either at his desk or in the empty cubicle next to his and do my schoolwork.

I'm not any good at throwing a frisbee. That's why I play in the end zone and just wait to catch the frisbee. I could still use a lot of practice, though. Maybe when it gets warmer I'll get Jay to go out and practice with me.

That's nice that you had a partner. When I did it, it was nice to have my brother and sister. I've worked taping at the state convention, so the worldview conference was comparatively easy. When I started, I didn't get to work with the towers either. The worldview conference was the first time I had gotten to work with them. They're really picky. If you don't do it just right, they like to spit out bad discs. And sometimes even if you do it just right, they still like to spit out bad discs just because. Yeah, I like the sound of all the fans and burners running.

I got into a/v when one of the elders at our old church volunteered me to learn how to run the sound system. So every week I was one of two that would get to set it up, run it, and take it down. I especially liked watching the lights on the receivers fluctuate, turning the dials, flipping switches, and rolling up the wires afterwords.

I've been working on a slideshow for Jay when he graduates. But other than that I haven't been doing many.

I don't mind video editing, but it's not one of my favorites. I really like editing sound, though. Do you like sound editing?

Michael said...


I imagined you were doing something. And it must have taken awhile to write your reply. An hour of concentrated writing can seem very short. And I have been busy too. I had my birthday and then I went to church. On Sunday my brother brought home a deer he found on the side of the road and so I helped him with it.
And today I went a homeschool co-op and didn't check your website until after I came back. And maybe it appeared that you left your comment but you didn't.

Chess is one of the games I like even though I'm not very good at it. I have probably only put a player in checkmate less than 10 times. I guess even you could beat me. I feel I have a near obligation to play chess. Because I've played very good chess players.

That sounds very familiar. I had a lot time to think and draw sitting at a desk trying to do school for hours.

Do you play Ultimate Frisbee mostly? I watched the frisbee championship videos Frisbee Man made. I saw someone who looked like you playing. If you practiced on the right day you might be able to go out with Jay. I haven't played much with a frisbee recently.

I was a little confused about certain duties. Like I thought my partner would be helping me more and we'd be together more. When I saw I you at the worldview conference I noticed you were were also standing by the table. I saw someone who looked like she might your sister this year at the worldview conference. I also met David McWaters this year at the sate convention. Mr. Patterson did most of the main work. I and my partner's main job description was labeling audio CD's. I didn't get to push any buttons on the towers. The only mistake I noticed was when the CD was ejected to early. You may have had different towers. It's hard to tell whether the towers have correctly duplicated the audio files. During the worldview conference did you listen to many of the sessions?

And do you till work with any other sound systems? It seems that you are rather familiar with sound systems. I haven't worked with sound equipment very much.

Does making Jay's slideshow involve a lot of scanning or collecting photos. That sounds rather interesting. What music do you think you will use?

If I can't come up with any new ideas, video editing is more of something I mind. I don't do a lot of it when I do do it usually. And sound editing is enjoyable especially when I do it with video. I do like it. But most of the programs I use are not very easy to use and also not very complicated. Most of my edited sounds are not very useful. I like making scenes up by talking. Do you like voice acting?

Frisbee Girl said...

When I'm writing, it amazes me how quickly the time flies by. I'll sit down in the early afternoon to write and before I know it, it's already dinnertime. Do you like to write?

Oh, happy birthday! Did you do anything special or just have a relaxing day?

That's neat. So you know how to gut a deer? Do you go hunting? My dad and brother are going to go hunting this year.

I think you'd beat me at a game of chess. I'm not any good at all. And that's fine with me. It's not a game in which I care to cultivate any skill. It just doesn't interest me. It is kinda fun to watch others play though, sometimes.

Just to clear up any possible confusion, Frisbee Man and Jay are the same person--my brother. We have so many names we use on the internet that it can become quite confusing. Sorry about that.

I can't think of a week this summer that we had frisbee that I didn't play. I love playing. Not only do you get exercise and it's fun, but you get to know the people on your team better. And yes, I was in some of the shots. I haven't played with a frisbee in almost a month.

Was your partner a friend of yours or someone Mr. Patterson brought with him? When we were at the conference, sometimes I'd sit at the table, but sometimes I'd get to sit in on the sessions, and sometimes I'd get to go sit outside or wander around. Mostly, though, my job would be to get the disc from Mr. Patterson as soon as the session was over and find a way to get around the crowd to get it back to the towers to start making copies as quickly as I could. That's kinda funny that you saw someone who looked like she might be my sister. I would have liked to see her. It wasn't my sister; none of us were able to make it to the conference this year. I think I got to listen to one full session. But I did get to listen to lots of bits and pieces. :) I did get to listen to Steve Camp once, too. I think labeling the discs is fun. Mr. Patterson had said something about possibly getting new towers because the old ones acted up so much. So maybe he did go ahead and get them.

You met David? You're meeting all my friends. Pretty soon you'll know all of the conference people. :) Are you going to volunteer at GHEA this coming year? The volunteers are a great group of people. That's where I met most of my friends down here.

Unfortunately, no. I wish I did. The sound system I used to work with was rather small and simple. In the space of a couple hours, I learned everything I'd ever need to know to run it. I've never worked with a nice one with a big sound board or anything. I might get to work with it for a Mother/Daughter retreat our regional support group is doing next January, but we'll see. Do you have any sisters?

Yeah, I looked through all the photos on our old computer and moved the ones I want. We have a big wooden chest full of pictures that I still have to go through and then scan the ones I want. We keep joking that we'll use Kenny Chesney's "Wife and Kids", but I don't think we'll end up using it. So we're still trying to find one. Do you have any suggestions?

What type of music do you like? Do you have any favorite bands or singers?

I love editing songs. One graduate last year had a time limit they needed me to stay under but her song was too long, so I spent I don't know how many hours trying to make it so that you would never know it wasn't the original song. I've done that a few times, but all of the others have been pretty easy.

What program do you use? We have Pinnacle 9.1, I think. I like using it for the sound editing, but I've been trying out Windows Movie Maker for the actual slideshow and I'm liking it.

As for voice acting, I've never tried it. Do you enjoy it? I like acting in plays and such, but I haven't found a good theater to hook up with. Do you like stage acting?

Michael said...

I'm sorry I took so long to write this. When I wrote it last night the URL was too long and I rewrote some of this today.

I do like to write sometimes. And I have kept a journal since April 9th, 2009. But writing is something I have to do. I do get more used to it. And I start to like it. Most of my writing has been recording daily events and dream accurately. What do you usually write?

Well, I did go to Steak and Shake after church with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins, but that day was not really relaxing. I also had birthday party on Tuesday. And Thank you, you are one of the last persons to tell me, 'Happy Birthday".

Well, from what I have heard and learned, my brother wasn't gutting the deer most efficient way. But I at least know that I he should probably have hung the deer by it back legs. I have never gone hunting, but I would like to go hunting for almost any animal that I could shoot. Do you know if they're using a tree stand or tracking the game? I'd like to know if they bring down anything.

I really can't say I'm any better. Chess is one of those game you can play pretty easily over the phone or online. At the worldview conference in 2007 I played with 9 other players against Jonathan Sarfati like your brother did in 2009. And I was about the 3rd player to lose. I guess might be able to beat you.

And I was rather sure that Jay is his nickname. Thank you for telling me.

I probably haven't played frisbee in longer than that. But I don't have my own disk. What kinds do you use?

My partner got the job about when I did. He was a friend of mine. That sounds familiar somehow but there wasn't as much of a rush this year it seemed. And I suppose unless your sister is married it couldn't have been her because I didn't recognize her last name on the name tag she was wearing.

Michael said...

I wrote this in two parts because it was too long.

I also did check some of the name tags in the box while volunteering at registration before most people arrived on the first day of the worldview conference this year. And I didn't see many surnames I recognized. I listened to more sessions this year I think. The same bluegrass music family was here this year. I kind of liked labeling CD's too. But I put the label on the disc to close to the edge sometimes. And that was about about most of what I did this year. I think I do remember what the old drives look like.

It was a very weird way I met him. Because I thought recognized him as someone I knew from GHEA in 2006 who was campaigning for President for the mock election. But he said he never did. He did say he knew your family. Yes, I would like to volunteer next year. My Mom didn't really ask about volunteering this year. And I didn't know how exactly I could volunteer. And she didn't read the e-mail she got about volunteering until she went home on Friday. I'll have to get myself to ask my Mom about that next year.

Our church probably has similar system. It would seem interesting to learn how to use one of the ones with a lot of dials. And Did you volunteer at the Mother/Daughter retreat this year? I do have one sister. She is younger than me.

How long do you want to make his graduation slideshow? In graduate slideshows I might be wanting content more than quality. I don't really know of any good places to find pictures of your brother. But I guess I could give you some sort of suggestion. How do you think your graduation will go over with the slideshow?

I usually try to listen to most music. But I don't like all kinds of music. I don't want to say I like a kind of music. Because most Christians rock or pop I don't like. But recently I have listen to mostly classical music and Joy Electric. Joy Electric is my favorite band and I do like some kind of music. But it's not usually like the same kind of music. I've already read some of what music you like. But what kind of music do you like?

That sounds rather hard. But I've changed portions of songs in a movie and at certain parts where it changes you wouldn't be able to normally tell.

Michael said...

Well I wrote this in three parts.

I use the Apple program iMovie. I've never heard of that program. I have used Movie Maker some. But I really would like to start making a movie again. And haven't finish one video I was making yet.

I've done some voice acting for voice overs I've made. And I'm satisfied mostly with my voice. What plays have you been in? Stage acting is something I really would like to do. but I never have gotten the opportunity to. I would like to know if I am a good actor just like if I 'd like to know if I'm a good singer. Do you like to sing?

How was your Thanksgiving?

Frisbee Girl said...


I know; Blogger is being picky. Sorry I've taken so long to get back to you. We left early Friday morning to go out of state to my great grandmother's funeral and just got back yesterday morning.

I really enjoy writing just about anything. I've been writing a speech every three weeks since school started. I've also written a couple of little kid books and I have two regular books I'm working on. My favorite of all my books is one I'm still working on. I started it up at the super conference. I'm kind of a slow writer. :)

I honestly am not sure. I think they're probably using a tree stand, but I'm not positive. I'll probably post about it if they get anything. 8| I'm not big into dead deer.

Have you ever heard of We have lots of friends who use that to play other people.

We used to use Discraft. But then Jay went and bought some replacements, so I don't know what types he got.

It's always nicer to work with people you know, although it is fun to meet new people, too. Nope, my sister isn't married. It's always fun to see who all's going to be there and if you know anyone.

Bluegrass family? I don't remember many of the speakers/musicians from the conference. It must have been one of the ones I didn't get to see.

When they let me start labeling the discs, there were some stickers that I would put on and they'd be half hanging off the disc. You just pull the sticker off and start again. :)

Yeah, we know them pretty well. Our families are kinda close. There are pretty much always places GHEA needs help, as long as you're willing to work anywhere.

Yes, I worked at the mother/daughter this past year. My parents are on the board of the support group that hosted it. And they have it at our church. So I'll be busy there again this coming year.

The limit on the slideshows is one song. So there's not really a time limit. They just trust us to keep it reasonable. They let all of the graduates have a slideshow each. Everyone really enjoys them.

That's how I am with Christian songs. It's not so much the style as what they're saying. I've never heard of Joy Electric. I'll have to try to find some of their music. I'm not a big fan of classical music. I love roller rink music (at least the stuff they played at the roller rink we went to when I was little; I doubt it's the same any more). I love Christian music with a good message. I like songs that tell stories. I'm not a big fan of country, but my sister has been getting me more into it (the good songs). I really like Christmas music.

I've heard of iMovie, but we don't have an Apple. Is it pretty easy to use? Can you do the sound editing on there?

I've never been in a big play or anything, just little plays at our old churches. And a lot of pretending with friends. I haven't done any since I was little, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. And I'm pretty sure I'd still like it. I'm not very good at acting, but I enjoy it.

I don't like to sing. I was in lots of musicals at one church and in a girls' choir at another church, but I really don't enjoy it. Unless I'm all by myself somewhere where I think no one else can hear me........ :) I enjoy listening to others sing rather than sing myself. Do you enjoy singing?

Other than getting ready to go to the funeral, we had a pretty good Thanksgiving. Normally most of our family comes, but this year we were all by ourselves. It was lonely, but it was nice to just have a relaxing day. How was yours?

Michael said...


A picky Blogger at least helps me to rewrite my paragraphs I wrote. I actuallt checked your blog last night about 30 minutes before you responded to see if you wrote anything and I assumed you wouldn't write a reply about when I went to bed late today. How was the drive back home to Georgia? I can understand how it took you awhile to reply. I thought your reply was actually kind of quick.

I spent about an hour writing in my journal today. Do you think your writing style has changed a little bit for what you have been writing on? I've written some things which have not been very useful for me. But sometimes I get I lot of interesting story ideas. Are you writing fiction? Any thing I write usually is usually short. When you write, is it on paper?

My Dad has a tree stand and he would like to go hunting too. That would be nice if they could shoot a deer. I bleached a deer skull I found by our church's property. I suppose you're not into other dead animals either.

I've been to before I believe, but I didn't wait to play chess there. I haven't played chess online much before. Have you played chess there before?

Do you know Discraft Frisbees or the ones you use fly noticeably better than other frisbees? Discraft Frisbees look nice.

Yes, there were a lot of different people there this year. But most of the people I knew were still there. Next year the super conference is going to be held near Asheville, North Carolina.

I think they were the Carrel Family. I missed a lot of sessions too. But last year I didn't have a volunteering position. One of my favorite sessions last year was the one by Ted Baehr.

Did you use the clear stickers? When I pulled them off they usually didn't come off very well. So Mr. Patterson usually cut the corners that stuck out off.

Michael said...

I'm sure anything I could at GHEA would be better than staying at home. How long you volunteered at GHEA?

Does Mr. and Mrs. Patterson go to the same church you do? How many people does your church hold? Working there must be busy then.

Do the graduates get a copy of the slideshow? Most songs are less than 6 minutes long. I've never been to a GHEA graduation.

I can understand that, but you might listen to more music regularly than I do. Joy Electric is mainly the work of one man. And as I've learned more about him I can relate to him more and appreciate his music more. The classic music I like is the kind of music like Bach. I've listened to country, but I don't it like a lot either. Do you listen to Nathan Clark George or Micheal Card? Christmas music usually has Christians themes in it's lyrics. There isn't a lot of popular Christmas music being made. I know there's a lot of people who don't Christmas music. Do you listen to Christmas music a lot around now?

I've edited sound one there, but it's rather simple. But it's only about as extensive as I've work with sound editing. Do you use a laptop?

That's pretty nice, that's almost about as much as I've acted too. My biggest performance any sort of production was a video series my brother and got ideas for near Christmas of last year. It was about how to treat girls. I just operated the video camera, but I enjoy acting too. Did you act in any Christmas plays?

I don't know if I would like to hear myself sing. Because singing at church I can hear myself less. Have you done any solo singing? I don't sing very much but I do like it singing by myself a little and I would like to try singing with other people. I might like it more if other people enjoyed it.

For Thanksgiving we went to our Grandparents house and that was most of what we did for Thanksgiving. More of our family usually come sometimes. And it was a little lonely and I did get bored. Bu that's the way Thanksgiving usually is. On the way home we looked at clouds.

How is your school going right now?

Frisbee Girl said...

lol. The drive home was okay. It was kinda long; we made more stops than we had on the way up. There was lots of holiday traffic.

On my favorite book, my writing style hasn't changed a bit since I started it. It's a book that's very near and dear to me, and I want the story to be just so, so it hasn't changed. In the other things I've written, I've definitely seen a change in the style. Have you seen a change in your style over time? Yes, I write fiction. Most of it is on paper, but I have one book that I started writing on the computer. I start writing a lot of things, though, and never finish most of them because I have a good, attention getting opener, and then I don't know what to do with the rest of the story. Do you know what I mean?

Nope, I'm really not into any dead animals. But it doesn't really bother me. I'm rather used to it. David's younger brother kills game and then skins them, and he's shown me quite a few of the stages. 8| That's neat that you found a skull. How do you bleach them?

I played on there from a different site. Not for long though. I only played friends.

Just about any heavy frisbee (I think they're 175 g) flies fine. The ones they toss out at parades don't fly as well.

Will you go to it if it's in North Carolina?

Hmmm...never heard of them before. What was Ted Baehr's talk about?

Yeah, we used clear stickers. They seemed to come off just fine. They might have switched to different clear ones so they wouldn't come off later.

We have worked at GHEA since we moved down here, so we're coming up on our fourth conference. We've been in the book sale since the first year, and the second year we moved over to the exhibit hall too. And sometimes we move around and help other places too. :)

The Pattersons don't go to our church. We go in one direction from our house and they go the other. Oh, I don't remember how many our church holds. I think it's somewhere around 250-300. How many does your church hold? Is it pretty full every week?

Yes, the graduates get a copy of everyone's slideshows. I've never been to the GHEA graduation either. Sorry I wasn't very clear about that. The slideshows are for our church. They put on their own graduation for the students in our church. There are about ten graduates a year.

Yep, I listen to quite a bit of music. Hmmm...I'll have to look him up. I do that with a lot of artists of specific songs, too. Sometimes the stories behind the songs are just amazing. I've listened to Nathan Clark George and Michael Card some. Not very much, though. I have been listening to Christmas music a lot lately. We have some friends who don't do Christmas music. Do y'all? I mostly like the old Christmas songs and hymns.

I don't use a laptop. I use our family computer. Do you?

The first church I did plays at did a spring and Christmas production every year. I had quite a few solos in the last Christmas play we did there.

School is going well. I'm enjoying it. How about you?

Michael said...

Did you sleep very much on the way home? We don't usually travel during the holidays. But if you were traveling on an interstate much of the trip I wonder how traffic there would be.

Do let anyone read your books? That's seems like the same way I write most of what I write. I do think my writing style has changed, especially for most of what I write. As you write fiction have other authors influenced how you write? Some of my writing is just a few things that I've written down of many of the thoughts that I think are really good. I've never really finished an entire story I've written either.

I honestly can't say I am into dead animals either. But I've been really interested in certain skeletons since I was about 8 years old. Would you know enough be able to tan a pelt? I've never seen the complete process.

The skull had saw marks on the antler part. I didn't really know what I was supposed to do. I used a plastic container and filled it up with water and then I added bleach. Then I put the skull in the solution for about 8 hours.

I've done that from facebook before. I also played my brother last night. Do many of your friends play chess?

They might make a good Christmas present. How far can you throw a frisbee? I've never been to parade before.

I most certainly will go if I can. But last time we went there we brought most of family to the superconference. And I don't know if I can't get any sort of job the if my Dad isn't on the staff.

They were good. Ted Baehr did a talk titled "So You Want To Be In Pictures". I bought his book. He is probably the most famous person I've ever met. And I gave him his name tag when I came in on wednesday.

Yes, the stickers worked well. I would really like to see one of the video recordings of the sessions now. Especially some of them this year.

So you've been down here since 2007? If I went to the Worldview Superconference V that would be my fourth superconference. My first year at GHEA was 2000 I think. But I didn't really do anything there for more than an about 3 hours. I saw someone who I recognized to be your Dad at GHEA. But what do you do at the exhibit hall? I know some of what you did as you told me.

Michael said...

I do remember the live much farther north-east of Fayette County. That's rather big. but 250-300 doesn't look like as much as it sounds. We did have more than usual this week. We meet currently at a Lutheran church off the Silver Comet trail about 500 feet. And that sanctuary holds about 150 people.
But usually we have about 20 weekly. How's your church's attendance?

Oh, I understand some churches like doing that. So are some of the graduates public school graduates?

I like to find music that sounds the way I've wanted music to sound like.
When you look him up you could search "The Timber Colony (The Timbre Of)". Or if you wanted to find a song on Youtube you could look up "Red Will Dye These Snows of Silver". The musician wrote that song about Cain and Abel. Our family does listen to Christmas music but not usually corporately. I don't know how much you do listen to it, but I don't really listen to it by myself. I like some of the Christmas hymns. I don't know how much we do do Christmas music. Do you ever write music or poetry that could be a song?

Do you use a Windows XP computer? I use my Dad's laptop to write most of these the comments. That is a Windows XP, but I have used a Mac OS X computer to write some of these comments too. But I get to get on the laptop more because it doesn't use a password to sign on an limited account.

For spring did you do a Passover or Easter play? How many people did you sing in front of? My church doesn't usually do anything like that.

Oh, do you like History? My school is enjoyable usually. And I like being told what to do. My school has been successful some but I have been really prepared for anything.

Frisbee Girl said...

I normally can't sleep in the car, but the past few trips I've been able to get a few hours of sleep.

Not really. My mom has read a little of one of them, and I read part of it to my grandma. One of them has been passed around quite a bit, but it was just a little kid book. Nope, my style is my style. The stories wouldn't be the same if it weren't that way.

No, I wouldn't know how to tan a pelt.

Yup. Mostly the guys, though. I can't think of any girls that play chess seriously.

I can't throw a frisbee far at all. Well, sometimes I can, but when I can, it always goes in the wrong direction. :)

I do whatever needs to be done that I have the capability to do. I don't just stay in the vendor hall, either. I am all over the place.

That sounds like a nice little group. Our church is usually somewhere close to full.

Yep, some of them are from public school. Most of them are homeschooled, though.

Nope, I'm not good at writing stuff like that. Do you?

We use Windows 7. It has a lot of cool features.

No, our spring plays would just be normal plays. The church wasn't very big. I don't really remember it; it was so long ago.

History is at the bottom of my list. Do you like it? I like math and my speech class.

Michael said...

I don't normally try to sleep in the car on purpose. The last trip I was on I almost fell asleep at least twice. Do you sometimes get to drive?

I can understand that some. I would really like to get someone's opinion on my writing, but I don't have the bravery to show them it. What was that book about?

I guess I probably wouldn't really either.

It seems that way with a lot of games.

I think I can accurately throw a frisbee only about 50 feet. About how far can you throw a frisbee? Just the same, boomerangs are hard to aim too.

Does anyone work over you or give you your responsible priorities? I think it would be really nice to have a job a GHEA. Walking around the vendor after about two hours by myself is a little weird.

Yes, our church is fairly nice. And now would be a convenient time to have visitors, because of all the extra space we have there. What time does your church meet? I know the times most churches meet but our church's schedule has changed recently.
Does your church meet near Peachtree City?

So I might guess that most of the photos you might have are from the early 90's if you're making slideshow. If the graduates are of the average graduation age.

Well, I don't know if I'm really good at it, but I do like to right something like that. I once wrote a poem about Transformers. And that is probably one the most successful paper I ever wrote. And that could really be a song.

I haven't really used Window 7 very much except for
using my cousin's laptop.

Oh, do you think it was the size of my church?

I've taken any History recently. But I like it. What other subjects do you like?

Frisbee Girl said...

No, I don't drive yet. Do you?

The little kid book is about a mix between a rabbit and a squirrel. The other book is about four kids that are really good friends.

I can probably throw it maybe 50 feet, too. I've never tried boomerangs. They look too hard for me.

Yes and no. Since my parents are in charge of the exhibit hall, they just tell me what I need to accomplish and leave it to me to get it done. If I get it done with time left over, I go to different areas of the convention and just ask what I can do. I work until I need to be somewhere else, and then I just tell them I need to leave and go do whatever I need to. Sometimes someone will come find me and ask me to work somewhere. It's really all over the place.

Our church is about half an hour away. We meet at 10:30. What time does your church meet?

Well, I do progressive slideshows--from birth to graduation. So we get pictures from just about every year.

Do you let others read your poem?

It was probably bigger than your church. Maybe 100 or so.

Science isn't bad. Spanish can be fun sometimes. And I like violin. What about you?

Michael said...

I can understand that. I don't drive have the chance to drive yet either. But I do have my learner's permit and I have driven twice in two different parking lots.

How has the weather been recently near where you live?

That sounds rather interesting interesting book. Do you have it printed? Is the other book a book for little kids?

The boomerang my Dad bought is rather easy to throw the right way. But I have no
t been able to make it come back near me.

That seems like you parents have a really nice job. What job did you do the most this year?

That's a nice a distance to drive. Our church used to meet at about 10:30 for Bible Class. our church meets normally at 1:30. And my parents go to another church usually the same day, but they leave sooner. So it's strange waiting around at home until 1:30. It takes us about 9 minutes to get church. When does your church service end?

Slideshows can be rather emotional. Do you use the same programs for making slideshows? Are there any other jobs that you do for your church?

Yes, I posted a revised version on a forum online and show one person the original paper. Would you like to read it?

Was that church a Baptist church?

I would like to play a musical instrument. I usually like Science, but it's really not my favorite subject. I like Algebra II and Algebra I some. I also like Economics.

Frisbee Girl said...

I don't have my permit yet. I'm not going to get it for a couple more years.

It has been rainy. But it's getting a little warmer than it had been. How about up by you?

No, I've looked into a few publishers, but I haven't submitted it to any of them yet. The other book is more of a young adult book.

Well, I mostly help the vendors get around. Other than that, I couldn't really say; I do a little bit of almost everything.

I think it ends around 11:30 or so. I'm not sure. We always stand around and visit for a while after.

Yep, I use Pinnacle for the slideshows. We're on the hospitality committee, so sometimes we do things with that. Other than that, not really.

Sure, if you don't mind sharing. :)

No, it was some denomination that I can't remember. It had something to do with missionaries.

Economics sounds like fun. What year will you graduate?

Michael said...

Have you driven any vehicles around? I don't know when I'll get my drivers license.

Was there sleet or freezing rain this week were you live this week? It seems to have been rather cold. Temperatures today got at the highest point of about 55˚ fahrenheit. Also twice this week it snowed steadily for about 25 minutes. I have been really enjoying this weather. I got to test my wetsuit at cold temperatures in water outside.

What are some books you have liked that you've read?

What's your favorite or one of your favorite jobs at GHEA?

Yes, we do too normally. Is your church part of the National Center for Family Integrated Churches?

Is Pinnacle easy to use? How long have you attended your current church?

This is a picture I got from the original site posted it. I'd like for someone to read it.

I guess it probably wasn't Missionary Baptist or Anabaptist.

Yes, I did like it. For the second semester the co-op class will be more about the civics. I don't know exactly when I will. But I really want graduate in 2011.

I don't know what grade you are in, but do you know when you're going to graduate?

Frisbee Girl said...

Nope, I've never driven. I've shifted a stick shift before, but that's the closest I've come. :)

It snowed a couple times last week, but it didn't stick. That's neat. Do you do a lot of swimming in the cold?

Oh, there's lots of them. I love "The Witch of Blackbird Pond". Have you read it? (if you haven't, it's not like what it sounds :) I also really like the Shadow Children books. What about you?

I don't know that I have a favorite. I like most all of it.

No, it's not. Is yours?

Pinnacle is pretty easy to use. We've been going there for a little over two years.

That's pretty neat. I haven't seen Transformers, so most of it didn't make sense to me, but it was well written.

Nope, it wasn't. I can't remember what it was, though.

I'll probably graduate in '12. We'll see, though. :)

Michael said...

Oh, was the car on when you shifted it? I driven a manual a little bit. And I try to take advantage of every opportunity to suggest that I could drive. But I've never driven on any road.

The last time it snowed it stuck pretty well and after that there was some drizzle and freezing rain. I would like to try that more but I don't know of a good place to swim. So I was just using a large plastic storage container that had been rained in and I filled with water. My wetsuit is rated at 62 degrees fahrenheit and I tested it in water about 32 degrees fahrenheit.

I have never read that book. Is that a book series? I really like Perelandra by C.S. Lewis. Have you ever read that book?

That's nice. I like volunteering if I can. Do you volunteer anywhere else other than GHEA?

No, mine isn't. Though our current attendance makes it a little like that. I'm not very familiar with Family Integrated Churches. I noticed that Family Integrated Churches seem to have a lot of homeschoolers in them. Is your church a Baptist church?

Do you ever make slideshows of your own photography?

Thank you, when I wrote it I was kind of thinking of it as a song.

Oh, maybe it was some sort of non-denominational church.

I guess I might graduate '12 too. But it might not be in the summer part of the year. I don't know much. Do you know of anything you might do after you graduate?

Frisbee Girl said...


Sorry I have taken so long to respond. We have been very busy around here. Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas! Did you get out in the snow?

Yep. My grandpa would take me out on the country roads and he'd let me be his shifter. :)

Yes, that is a series. No, I haven't read that one. What is it about?

Not officially, but if I go somewhere and find out they need help, I try to do my best.

Ours is non-denominational. What about yours?

No, I've never tried that. Maybe one of these days I'll do one and post it.

Nope. No clue. I'm taking things little bits at a time right now. :) What about you?

Michael said...


I can understand that. I was kind of busy too. We did have a pretty good good Christmas. I don't know how I'll describe it later. But I did get to record a little bit with my Dad's video camera. Did it snow where you live too? I did go outside some. But there weren't any others out with me. But I did drive around to church and back while it snowed someplaces. It snowed a lot while we were gone at church. Did you get out in snow?

That's sounds nice to go on country roads. Was that a manual transmission?

Is it written by Elisabeth George Speare? It's the second book in the Space Trilogy. It's a science fiction novel about Ransom who goes to Venus (Perelandra) to protect this woman from this man who also comes from Earth to tempt her. It's a lot like a story of the fall. It seems that not very many people have heard it. But you have now. Have you read very much science fiction?

Yes, when I'm somewhere it's really nice to get asked to help do something. Some of the first volunteer jobs I got at American Vision were to put together letters for donors.

Ours is a denominal church. Ours a Seventh Day baptist CHurch.

Yes, I sometimes use my Dad's video camera to record something I want a picture of. Do people sometimes ask you to take pictures for them?

Oh, I can imagine what that's like. I feel about the same way. Would you consider professional photography or audio production?
I'm thinking a lot about the military.

Frisbee Girl said...

Yes, I got out in the snow. We even went on a golf cart ride in it. :)

Yep, it was a manual transmission.

Yes, it is. Not really. The Shadow Children books are the only Sci Fi books I've read.

Did you get to write the letter? Or did you stuff envelopes?

My mom. :) I took my sister's graduation photos, and I'll probably take my brother's, too. But no, no one else has asked me to take pictures for them. I don't know that I'd be good enough.

I don't have the skills necessary for professional photography. I don't know much about audio production. Do you know what branch of the military you'd like?

Michael said...

That's sounds pretty nice. Does your family own the golf cart?

How was your Christmas?

Have you ever driven the golf cart?

I haven't read much science fiction either. Perelandra was my second science fiction book I read that I can remember.

No, I didn't write it. It was like a receipt thanking them for their donation officially on a paper. So I was just stuffing the envelopes in the right arrangement of the papers. And I would do about 100 sometimes.

What year did your sister graduate? My brother has asked me to take pictures for him before. And photography involves some things you will do in videography. But I don't record many things a lot. Where do you usually take pictures?

I don't know a lot about how professional photography should look. But most of your pictures look pretty good. It seems that a lot of photography seems to dependent on modern style. Do you think you could be able work for production on a small film for a few short sounds effects? Yes, I do, I was thinking about the Marine Corps. Thank you for asking.

Have you ever been to Callaway Gardens?

Frisbee Girl said...

Sorry I've taken so long to respond. Our internet was down for a while.

Yep, we own the golf cart. It's like our second car. Right now it's in the shop, but when we have it, I drive a lot.

We had a nice, quiet Christmas. How about you?

Wow. I bet they really appreciated that.

'09. Oh, all over the place. If we're going somewhere I've never been before, I usually take the camera (unless it's someone's house).

Thank you. But I only post the pictures I really like. I've taken some pretty lousy pictures, too. I haven't done anything with sound effects before, but that might be fun. It would depend on what exactly it was.

I have. I love taking pictures of the flowers there. Have you been there?

Michael said...

I can understand that. Did your power go out?

Do you take it someplace to go on rides somewhere or do you drive around close to were you live mostly?

Well, that is nice. Our was not very quiet, but not very lonely either. But at the same time I did feel a little lonely. We did do a couple things that day, but they were mostly related to church. The next day I learned that my Aunt and Uncle were expecting a baby.

Yes, I think they did. It would be nice to get a volunteering job at American Vision again.

That's the same year my brother graduated. Using cameras can be very interesting. But I haven't been able to use digital camera a lot. Do you go out of the state a lot?

Your welcome. I have a photobucket account which I upload pictures to for some reasons. And I wouldn't use most of them for anything. But I could send you the link if you wanted to see some pictures I have taken with a camera.

That might be really interesting. I was wondering what you might be able to do relating audio production.

Yes, I have been there more than once. I don't know how much closer it is compared to a southern direction to where you live. Did you many pictures of the flowers in the butterfly greenhouse?

How much does your family watch movies?

Frisbee Girl said...

We accidentally vacuumed the power cord for our computer. :)

There are paths all over our city that we drive it on.

No, we don't really go out of state much. It really all depends on what's going on where, though. Do y'all go out of state often?

Oh, I would enjoy seeing them if you want to share them. I like looking at other peoples' pictures.

No, I didn't get too many pictures of the butterflies. They were hard to capture. Have you taken pictures of the butterflies?

We watch movies fairly often. It really all depends on what our day looks like. Do you watch a lot of movies?

Michael said...

That's interesting, I've went over a power cord with a vacuum cleaner some before.

Can you drive to the paths? That would be kind of fun. Are the paths in areas like a park or reservation?

The main reason we get out of state is usually related to our church. I suppose you might more than our family does. Last time I went out of the state I went to Florida. Do you go to Alabama some?

Yes, then I would like to share them I think. A lot of the pictures are not photographs. Because I use my account a lot for the URL or transfering pictures.

No, I didn't. But last time I was there I went with my cousins and I drop some coins in the water. But I didn't take any pictures.

Are you doing science currently?

I do like to watch movies when I can too. But I have a habit of not watching the end of a movie sometimes. But I don't watch movies as much I could if I had the opportunity. What movies do you really like?

Frisbee Girl said...

We have lots before too, but this was the first time one's broken on us.

There's a path at either end of our street. If you go to our city's website, they have a map of all the paths you can look at. It's pretty cool. The paths go to parks, neighborhoods, stores--pretty much anywhere you want to go.

We've been through Alabama, but we don't go there much. Do you?

Those are neat. I like how you captured the sun in the one up on the roof.

Nope, I'm taking a little break from science. I did a lot through the summer, so I don't have to do any until next year.

Why don't you normally watch the endings? Do you just run out of time? I like The Christmas Shoes. What movies do you like?

CaptainBible said...

Do you vacuum a very much?

I have looked at the map of Peachtree City and its trails. I have never seen anything really like that before. It looks like it would be very nice to use.

You may been father than I actually have then. Our family usually go at least once a year to the northern area. We have some family there. Mostly my Grandma's close family.

Thank you, I was trying to take a profile picture when I positioned myself for that. I don't know how to take pictures of the sun very well. Do you take pictures like that of the sun?

What science will you be doing next year? Do you like microscopes?

I just sometimes feel like the movie isn't that good. And I suppose it might be exciting to not find out what happens at the end of a movie. I usually could be doing many other things than watch the movie, so I sometimes do that. I've never watch that movie before. But I think I did see it advertised in the Christian Book Distributors magazine. I don't know a lot of movies I really like. But I like the movie Tron.

Frisbee Girl said...

We usually do. Since there are lots of feet that go through our house, we have to keep vacuuming.

I try to capture sunlight, but I'm not very good at it.

I'll be finishing Chemistry. I love microscopes! It's so neat all the different colors and patterns I find.

Wow. I could never stop myself at an exciting part.

CaptainBible said...

That's interesting. We don't vacumm as much as we used to because we got rid of the carpet in the house.

Have you noticed that sometimes if you take a picture of the sun, the sun itself shows up on the camera to be black?

I'm doing Marine Biology. I like microscopes too. I don't have my own, but I have looked at some other person's microscopes. I liked looking at some banana in a slide and the slides with live organisms. Did you view the digital USB microscopes that were at GHEA in the exhibit hall?

Sometimes I feel that I may have come up with the same idea that is used in a movie. I do feel different about some movies that I watch for the first time. Have you watched any exciting movies recently?

Frisbee Girl said...

Oh, that's nice.

No, I've never had that happen. I don't normally take pictures of the sun, though.

No, I didn't get a chance to. I don't even remember them being there.

Oh, yeah. Sometimes the endings are really predictable, but I still like watching them anyways. No, not really. Unless you count watching Fireproof for like the fifth time. :)

CaptainBible said...

The reason it has said, "CaptainBible said..." is because I was trying to test something with a blogger account. But what I was testing didn't work and I didn't realize it affected my e-mail in that way when I commented. So I deleted the blog.

What do you like to take pictures of the most?

There were a lot of booths there.

I've never taken Chemistry before. Do you think it is more difficult to than the rest of your subjects?

Have you ever read a book that had a predictable story or subplot? Neither have I. I've probably only watched it about 6 times. But I've never actually completely watched it the movie from the beginning to end. I liked the part where Caleb gets his wife Chick-Fil-A.

Frisbee Girl said...

Sorry I've taken so long to comment. I was at a speech tournament pretty much all last week and before that I was busy preparing for it.

Oh. I like testing/playing with things too.

It's a lot of math, but I don't think it's bad. I actually enjoy it.

Yeah. But I still finish it just in case the ending is different. :) lol

CaptainBible said...

That sound interesting. How many speeches did you prepare? How did you like it?

Yes, I don't usually get on the computer frequently enough to be able to keep a constantly on schedule blog.

That sounds like it would be nice to do. I'm doing Marine Biology but I'm interested in an Anatomy and Physiology co-op class that others I know are doing.

That kind of book kind of remind of a book I;m reading now. Sometimes the author sets up something to happen which I usually think will happen. So it was not as much of a surprise.

Have you ever heard of the ALERT Academy?

Frisbee Girl said...

I prepared two speeches and gave them three times each and then gave three on-the-spot speeches. I really enjoyed it.

Hmmm....those sound interesting.

I have. Quite a few of my friends have been through it. Are you thinking of doing it?

CaptainBible said...

Could you choose what your speeches were about? I would probably be very nervous. The largest group I've spoken in front of was about 35 people. What were your on-the-spot speeches about? That sounds interesting.

Yes, have you ever done Anatomy and Physiology?

I am thinking about doing it. My Mom is helping me to think about more. My second cousin did it to see if he wanted to be in the military. He didn't like it that much, so he didn't join the military. It would be very interesting to something different like that.

Frisbee Girl said...

I got to choose two of them and the other ones I gave were impromptu, so I didn't get to choose those. My impromptus were evenings, a Ben Franklin quote, and cats.

Nope. Have you? It doesn't sound very fun to me.

That would be different. How long is the course?

We have been getting ready for the book sale. My sister is working on scheduling volunteers. I'll get to work in the tape booth again this year. I'm looking forward to that. Are you coming to the conference this year?

CaptainBible said...

I haven't not gotten on a computer connected to the internet very much recently.

How long were the impromptu speeches?

I have looked the material and books a little and it seem interesting to know.

I think with Basic Training and Advanced Training that would total to about 18 months at least depending on what you're trained for.

It sounds like there is a lot to prepare for. Your sister is working for on scheduling volunteers for the book sale? That will be interesting. I met some of the volunteers who were putting CD's in baskets last year.

I'm looking forward to it too. I think I will be coming to the conference this year. I think I will be a volunteer at Little Patriots. But I'm not sure what I'll be doing if I don't come to Little Patriots training. So I don't know. I talked to my Mom some about it today.

Frisbee Girl said...

They could be as short as you wanted but the closer you got to five minutes the better off you were (mine were 2 min-4 1/2 min).

Wow. That's a long time.

In the taping booth? I'll be in there most of Saturday this year. Little Patriots is always interesting. Did you go to the training?

CaptainBible said...

Did it seem hard to estimate the aproximate time you had to speak if you weren't looking at a timer. If someone was really nervous their speech might seem shorter.

Yes, the longest training courses are for aviation and aircraft repair.

It was probably the taping booth.That's where I met David McWaters. The table that had the baskets on it was in the Vendor Hall. It sounds interesting. I never went to Little Patriots before. I did not go to training on April 9th. So I thought that I couldn't do it this year. But I got an e-mail that said I was going to the Team Leader for the Yankees.

My partner is Gideon Larios. I called him and he said that some had dropped out and he might be getting transfered to another team. But for he said he's on the Yankee's team. And he said he'd call me as soon as he found out.

So I am probably going to be busy trying to prepare for that. I'm still think of ideas for a Yankee costume.

And my Dad and my Mom will be coming to the conference this year.

Frisbee Girl said...

They had timers in every room giving us hand signals to tell us how long we had left.

I'll be a little bit of everywhere this year (except LP; I don't do anything with it). That'll be fun. I'll probably see one or more of you there, then.

CaptainBible said...

Oh, was anyone you knew in the speech tournament?

I was wondering just now, whenever it might happen, do you have a summer break?

That's interesting. I didn't read this until today. You were several places at the conference as I saw.

Thank you for the help with the vouchers and the audio duplication equipment.

Frisbee Girl said...

I did know quite a few people at the tournament. And I met several more.

I can take a summer break if I want, but this year I'm not taking off of everything; I'll do a few classes to get them out of the way. But it will definitely slow down. That'll probably be sometime in June. Do you get summer break?

I ended up mostly in taping and the book sale. How did Little Patriots go? Were you still there when the fire alarm went off?

Sorry it took sooooooo long for you to get that one cd. They put it in line on one of the slower machines and it was behind a few others. And then that machine died, so they had to put it in line for another machine.

CaptainBible said...

That's good. I met a few people at Little Patriots. Were there a lot homeschoolers there?

That seems like a interesting summer. I don't think I will have a summer break. Even though most of my work is relaxed, I might slow down more during the summer also.
But I am not sure what I will do. I would be interested in starting another subject early. What do you think you will do?

Oh, you did look kind of busy when I saw you. Little Patriots was exciting. I got to talk to David McWaters more because he was on the Confederates team. Our two teams were in our room when the fire alarm went off. The Yankee's were doing the last craft which was to write a thank you to your family.

I didn't think I waited very long. I appreciated the waiting, because I would leave soon with my Mom to go the van when I got the third disc. I could understand why it took longer. At the worldview conference last year I duplicated a lot of the of the audio discs at the end of the conference because some of the attendees wanted a set of the all the sessions. It was interesting to see the volunteers working at the machines busily. I thought you got me the second disc very fast, which was the session 1195.

With the warmer weather recently, has Justus started playing Friday Frisbee games?

Frisbee Girl said...

The group is a homeschool group, so all the kids at the tournaments are homeschooled.

I'm going to do government and maybe a little bit of history. Get the worst subjects out of the way. :)

We started Frisbee in March or April. I can't remember which. This week we had a really small group though, as most everyone is out of town. I prefer playing in a larger group.

CaptainBible said...

Oh, are there a lot of homeschooled peoplein that group?

That seems interesting. I like history. Will you be reading more on your own then?

Oh, I imagine it is different in a larger group. I never really played frisbee in a large group before.

Frisbee Girl said...


I do read quite a bit on my own.

We sometimes have enough for two fields at the same time. That's fun.

CaptainBible said...

I suppose the homeschoolers that go Calvary Baptist in Smyrna make a large group. Do you know a lot of people that go there? It was nice to meet some people at Little Patriots who I heard went to Calvary Baptist Church.

I do like to read a lot too. I like science related books a lot and some Bible commentaries. But I don't read a lot of books entirely. What do you read usually read?

I liked doing government. The two books I read related it with Economics a lot. Do you know which publishers you will be using for History?

That sounds interesting. I guess the property you use is rather large. Playing frisbee is pretty competitive. Do you play ultimate frisbee? I visited the Friday Frisbee website and it looked very nice. Do you have more than one group playing frisbee at the same time?

Frisbee Girl said...

I'm pretty sure I know some people who go to Calvary, but I can't think of anyone off the top of my head. I don't know where a lot of my friends go to church.

I read just about anything that looks decent. A lot of fiction and mysteries.

I don't use a certain curriculum for history. We just do lots of different all mixed together. What do you use?

It's a good sized field. I do play. I enjoy it. ?? What Friday Frisbee website? We don't have a website. Unless someone else started one for us..... Can you give me link, please? I want to see it too. :) Sometimes we split it into a younger group and an older group if there's enough people. But lately there haven't been enough younger people to have their own game.

CaptainBible said...

Do you know if David McWaters and his family go to Calvary?

My cousin used to go to Calvary. And when I told her about the names of some of the Little Patriots volunteers when she asked and she said that most of their last names sounded familiar. Because she had known some of their families or their older brother or sisters.

I don't know where a some of my friends currently to go to church too.

That seems kind of interesting. But I never really have actually read a real Mystery book. I think it might be interesting to make one. Is there a mystery you really like?

Usually my Mom gives just about one curriculum to use. But it might be short. So I might have to do more than book. I liked reading Sketches in Church History by Banner of Truth.

Do you have other opportunities to play frisbee other places? I searched your brother's name on Google a few months ago and found a Frisbee competition website that said something about Friday Frisbee. But when I first saw the website I was not sure it was the website I thought it could be. The link is:
Well, I can imagine having two groups would make It very competitive and more exciting. What is the usual age of the younger people from the other group if you have one?

Frisbee Girl said...

No, David and his family don't go to Calvary.

Not in particular. I just read them without having a favorite.

We play at friends' houses, but other than that we pretty much stick to Fridays. Oh yeah. I forgot about that website. That was for a commercial contest they had last year. You have to be in high school or past high school to play on the bigger field, but anyone can join the younger kids if they want to. Some of the dads and girls play over there with the younger ones and they said it's actually pretty fun. I prefer the big field though.

CaptainBible said...

Oh, I just guessed his family probably didn't go. He did not seem like someone who goes to Calvary.

Have you read the Sherlock Holmes books?

Oh, do you mean that that website was for the videos that were shown on the website that advertised Friday Frisbee and the previous competitions of last year?

So I guess then you don't play with the younger ones as much then. It sounds more more exciting in a big field. Do the younger ones play in a kind of smaller field?

Frisbee Girl said...

I have read Sherlock Holmes. I enjoyed those books. Do you like them?

Yeah, that was just for the videos.

No, I don't play with the younger ones much. It is more exciting in the bigger field. It's a rougher game. And yep, the younger ones play on a smaller field.

CaptainBible said...

I have not read Sherlock Holmes before. I have watch some of the films about Sherlock Holmes. I have heard the book were interesting from some people. I might read some of them, but I don't really have the opportunity to read Sherlock Holmes conveniently.
I like they way the books seem.

Oh, so I guess that website has old information. I saw the contest video that your brother made. It looked interesting.

Has someone ever gotten hurt playing it in the bigger field? I suppose it must be different for the younger ones. How was your last game?

Did it rain where you lived on the Fourth of July?

Frisbee Girl said...

We've had some minor-ish injuries playing frisbee, but not too many of them. Mostly just twisted ankles and jammed fingers. The last game I played was pretty fun. Our team lost, but we enjoyed it. It was a pretty intense game.

It did rain a little in the afternoon and again in the evening. Did it rain up by y'all?

CaptainBible said...

Oh, I can imagine that might happen. Have you injured yourself playing before? That sounds nice. How do you choose the players of each team?

It didn't rain in the afternoon. But it did rain a lot in the evening. It was about the time I imagine when most people wanted to shoot fireworks.

Did you have fireworks? We lit some on the porch under the roof that night while it was raining.

Frisbee Girl said...

Wow. It has been forever since I've been on blogger. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your comment. :(

I have been hurt while playing frisbee before, but never anything serious. The worst I've done was bruise a ligament in my finger. We decide who we want the captains to be and then they take turns picking the players until everyone has been picked. It normally works out pretty well.

We didn't set off any fireworks of our own, but we did watch the city's fireworks (until it was about to rain; then we went to a friend's house but we could still hear them shooting them off).

So are you enjoying school this year (or did you graduate already?)?

Have you ever campaigned before? That's what I've been doing lately. And getting ready for Thanksgiving. Do y'all have family that comes over for Thanksgiving?

CaptainBible said...

Yes, it has been a little while. But that's alright, I guessed you had other exciting things to do. It's nice to be so busy that it's easy to not use the computer.

Did that take very long to heal? Oh, I played a game like that last month. We tried to get the frisbee across the field to a goal. I thought that was similar to what you play.

Oh, we heard explosions on the 4th of July.

I am enjoying school. I really liked some of the subjects I have been working on. And I have been going to American Vision with my Dad again to do school work. I will be graduating next year in 2012. How are you enjoying school this year?

I have not really campaigned before. It really sounds interesting. I would like to campaign for someone if I had an opportunity. Are you volunteering for a political campaign? That's sounds really nice. What do you do?

How was Thanksgiving? No, we usually go and eat at our Aunt and Uncle's house about an hour away. And we don't usually have family or friends that travels there from far. Do you have family that comes over for Thanksgiving?

Frisbee Girl said...

It took about 3 weeks before it was totally back to normal. But now I can use it like usual again. That does sound like what our games are like. Were there a lot of people there? Did you enjoy it?

What is your favorite subject this year? That's nice that you can go with your dad again. I am enjoying school pretty well this year.

I am helping with a runoff in the county next to ours. I am on the team that goes door-to-door talking to people and making sure they're aware there is a runoff. It is a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun too. They're an awesome group of people.

My dad's parents and his sister and her family normally come for Thanksgiving, but none of them were able to come this year. My sister's boyfriend ended up coming down. It was pretty good. We got to play flag football in the morning, which was pretty fun. Playing flag football has kinda become a tradition for us. This was the first year I've played though. Do y'all have any Thanksgiving traditions?

Michael said...

The comment publish options weren't allowing me to publish using a google account. So I used the Name/URL option.

Was it your right hand? Oh, that's interesting, I couldn't really tell what they were like from the Youtube video I saw. No, there where only about 15 people playing. But it was a competitive game. I did enjoy it. But I had just eaten apple pie when I did, so I was trying to go slow. It was interesting game.

My composition writing class probably is probably is my favorite subject. I'm doing that with a homeschoolAnd I also really like Chemistry. I'm doing Apologia Chemistry. Yes, it is. Oh, what is your favorite subject this year? Are you graduating this year?

Oh, that's interesting. Who are you helping in the runoff? That sounds like it's very busy. I met some people who said they could use my help in the campaign for Mike Crane at GHEA in 2010. Do you get to talk to a lot of people working there?

It sounds like it would be really different without them. That seems like it would fun. Do you see your sister's boyfriend a lot? How did you do at flag football? I've never played before. We don't really have one besides eating a meal. But we don't usually do a lot each Thanksgiving and my parents seem to like that.

Frisbee Girl said...

I'm not a big fan of seems to be having problems all the time. :|

No, thankfully it was my left hand. I hate eating much at all before I play, so I normally have a very small dinner since we play at 6:30. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It really is a fun game.

I'd have to say math is my favorite this year just because it's really easy. I'm planning on graduating in May.

I was helping Mike Crane. :D Working at GHEA or the campaign?

It was different, but yeah, it was good. And yes, we get to see her boyfriend several times a week. My team ended up winning, but it wasn't because of my skill. Of the two times it was thrown to me, I caught it once. And I maybe could have made it to the end zone, but got my flag pulled about half way there because I stopped running. I did pull the flag of one of the fastest players on the other team once though, which was really cool. That sounds nice and relaxing. :)

CaptainBible said...

What problems have you had with Blogger?

Did you put any sort of bandage on your hand? Are you usually hungry after you play? Yes, but I didn't exactly understand certain parts of it. Like when we threw the frisbee out and both teams ran out to get it. How long have you played frisbee at your house?

What Math are you doing? That will be really nice. Will you graduate at the GHEA graduation ceremony?

I think they meant the campaign. They asked me where I lived. And I think they indicated I couldn't vote for him but they still could use my help. So is Mike Crane is running for the Georgia senate? I looked at his website. Do you know any of your friends who are also helping Mike Crane?

Oh, that sounds like it might be fun to see him that much. How many people were playing flag football? It's nice to be on the winning team. That sounds exciting. That sounds like it would be hard. Did you have to jump to pull off that flag? Where did you play it? Yeah, I guess our family could make a tradition to do for Thanksgiving.

Frisbee Girl said...

Wow. I'm really not good at replying quickly. :( Sorry.

It has problems letting me log on sometimes and it's kinda quirky about letting me post.

I had to tape my finger just to give it a chance to get stronger again. Sometimes I'm kinda hungry after I play, but not usually. We're getting ready to start our 5th season soon.

I did consumer math. I was able to finish it before Christmas. And no, I won't be graduating at GHEA. We'll just do something small down here with a few friends.

Cool. Yeah, he's a senator now. :) I knew a few people who were helping him too, but I met an awful lot of people.

There were maybe 15 or so people playing flag football. No, I didn't have to jump. He was the tallest guy there, but he runs kinda close to the ground, if you know what I mean. We played at some soccer fields about 5 minutes from our house.

CaptainBible said...

I understood you were probably pretty busy. I'm not really good at replying quickly either. I saw this post first on the 2nd of February and didn't get a good time to reply until today.

It can take longer to leave a comment than I think it should. Does the visual verification, required to make a comment, not show up for you a lot?

How long did it take to get stronger? That will be nice. Are you excited about soon starting again?

Did you like consumer math? It sounds interesting. I know some homeschoolers who have done something like that for graduation. Are you going to have graduation pictures taken or a slideshow for your church like you do for other graduates?

Yeah, I looked at his website after the election and it said he won. Yeah, that would be interesting to meet so many people. When I was working on a Creation Ministries International mailing where my Dad was working, Mike Crane came in to talk to somebody.
So it was nice to see him.

I think I know what you mean. Maybe he does it to have less air resistance. Did it seem unusual playing flag football at some soccer fields?

Frisbee Girl said...

No, it never makes me do the visual verification when I comment on my blog. Sometimes it makes me do it when I comment on someone else's blog, though. Maybe I can find a setting somewhere to change that. I'll see if I can.

Well, I had to keep it taped for two weeks, but it took a month or two for it to feel stronger. I'm really excited about starting frisbee again. We start on Friday, so it's really close. I'll probably end up captaining against my brother, so we'll see how that turns out. We have a lot of new people coming this year.

I loved consumer math! It was really fun. Yeah, I'm having a friend of mine take my senior pictures. And I don't know if we'll be having slideshows or not yet. We still have to iron out a lot of wrinkles, so I might even end up just doing my own little party.

Do you like politics? I'm probably going to get more involved this year with different campaigns.

Not really. I'm used to playing all sorts of sports on whatever field we can find, which usually ends up being soccer fields.

CaptainBible said...

That might be nice. And it might be convenient when someone is trying to comment on your blog really fast.

That really sounds exciting. So I guess you might already be doing it by the time I have written this. Brothers and sisters working against each other can be very competitive. Do you think that's because many people are older and are getting drivers licenses?

Is consumer math kind of like personal finance? That will be nice. I suppose a slideshow would show a lot more old photos of you, while senior photos would all be new. Well, I hope it goes well. Would that be different from what you were originally planning?

I do like politics. That sounds like it would be very interesting to do. Do you know of any campaigns you would like to get involved with? I really would like to get involved with a political campaign this year too.

This year seems to be an important year to get involved with campaigns because of the presidential election in November. I was really excited about being able to vote for the first time in the presidential primary earlier this month. Do you like politics?

Oh, yes, soccer fields seem to be good for a lot of things. We fly kites at a nearby soccer field sometimes when it is windy.

Frisbee Girl said...

Wow, I'm really horrible at commenting in a timely manner. :/

I think I found the setting and changed it so that you don't have to type a verification code...did it work?

Yeah, a lot of kids have gotten their driver's licenses. And they bring friends with them who bring more friends and so on and so forth. It was fun when we only had one field and I captained against Jay. It was a good game.

Yeah, it's pretty much all the math you use in real life, like taxes, budgeting, loans, cost of living, etc. I was originally planning on doing a big graduation with several friends of mine that are also graduating, but that just doesn't fit into our schedule. So eventually this summer I'll have some friends over and just have a little party at our house.

I'm not really sure who all is running for office around here this year. All of the ones that I had wanted to volunteer for aren't up for reelection for a couple more years. But a friend of mine is running for an office up in NC and I might go up there at some point and help with his campaign. But I'm really not sure at this point. Are there any specific campaigns you're looking to get involved with?

I do like politics. At this point I'm still trying to figure out how it all works, but I'm enjoying learning all about it.